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I know that a lot of people are concerned with issues of justice and poverty, and seeing those in poverty breaking out into freedom. If you are truly concerned about this, you might consider the comprehensive approach. Jesus was a very smart, strategic person. And because of this, He spent a lot of time pouring into a few people. There is so much wisdom in this.

It’s easy to spread yourself very thin when working with those in poverty, because the needs are so great. But I think you will see more lasting results if you focus on helping a few people, more comprehensively.

Before I was married, I would take in a few men at a time (I would only encourage single men to minister this way — you don’t want a bunch of potentially-sketchy men in your home with your wife or kids). They slept on my four couches. I would feed them, pray with them, counsel them, help them get important documents for work, etc. Of course, even this more focused approach is not guaranteed. Some will always choose the way of sin and the world, regardless of what you pour into them. But I think this is a good model for making a more lasting impact among the poor.

Just a thought.