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Here’s a short video I made for GOOD FRIDAY.
Hope it blesses you.​

Here’s a very short video illustration I created for Easter.  Hope it blesses you.

Here’s a short video I created that attempts to express the love Jesus has for us…

Here’s a short video I created about the amazing, miraculous,
transforming blood of Jesus…

There is our own voice — and then there is the Voice of the Spirit.  If we take regular time to listen, we will begin to hear the Voice of the Spirit — and this Voice desires to speak through His Church to the World.  A Voice of Love — a Voice of Hope — and also a Voice of bold declaration of the Holiness and Glory of God.

And if we go too long and ignore this Voice — and if we refuse to allow this Voice to express Himself through us — then we are in danger of losing this Voice — the one true Voice that the World so desperately needs to hear.