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I LOVE HOLY GHOST IMPROV!!!  Just today, at the mall, I thanked and prayed for a veteran, blessed another veteran in the name of Jesus, gave a little Jesus booklet to a guy waiting for a ride, told this Muslim lady that I would be praying for her health in the name of Jesus, and interceded for the people around me.

I am def not saying these things to brag on myself — these were all little baby steps of faith, and all by His Grace.  Just a good reminder that we all (including me) sometimes need: Everyday, everywhere, there HE is — with His amazing adventure!! His WIND is always blowing — all we have to do is remember to keep our sails up and be ready.

It can be at the mall, at work, on the street, the grocery store — wherever.   All we have to do is stay engaged with Him, keep listening, and keep our eyes open to the souls and opportunities around us.