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When my wife and I were in Bulgaria, back in 1995 with YWAM, we ran into an art-rock band comprised of a group of Christians who decided to be counter-cultural by invading the culture and changing it.  They played secular clubs — not because they wanted to “make it”, but because they wanted to transform it.  They were called RATRAG, which is an acronym: Rebellion Against The Rebellion Against God

We are called to be REVOLUTIONARIES.  We can never just peacefully co-exist with this World’s system, because we are called to be God’s agents for bringing Heaven to Earth — and the New Jerusalem will never peacefully co-exist with Babylon, any more than matter and anti-matter can.

That does not mean that we are to purposely act like religious jerks or to go out of our way to be controversial.  True Love, Holiness, and Shameless Worship of the Living Christ are controversial enough, all by themselves.