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Spiritually speaking, whatever we are most hungry for
is what we will most often consume.
Hunger is as hunger does.
The words we use to describe our hunger
can sometimes reveal our heart,
but what regularly ends up in our spiritual stomachs never lies.

And how we use our time and energy is a clear indication of our spiritual hunger as well.  How much time do you spend watching TV, hanging around online, etc.?  And how much time do you spend with God (in Bible study, in prayer and worship, and in serving Him)?  If we spend a lot more time doing “other stuff”, rather than with God, then it is a clear indication of what our priorities really are (and perhaps it is also a clear indication of who our god really is).

But the GOOD NEWS is that we can, at anytime, repent (admit we have been wrong), and start eating right!

“Blessed are the hungry — You said it, I believe it.
Hunger is an escort into the deeper things of You.
You satisfy, you satisfy.”
(M. Edwards)