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It’s a wonderful thing when Christians decide to make a positive difference in their world. There is so much suffering — poverty, starvation, slavery, etc. And it is exciting to see the Church taking a lead in such things as ending sex trafficking. (These issues are very important to me as well. Over the years, my wife and I have been blessed to minister to the poor at shelters, food pantries, orphanages, and other places — as well as working with ministries focused on ending sex trafficking)

But in the midst of our efforts to advance social justice, we must never lose sight of the real prize: people coming to know Jesus. It would be a great tragedy for the world to become a “better” place, with less poverty and misery, and yet not see the SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION break forth that our glorious Messiah paid such a great price to begin. And it would be a calamity beyond words to set people free from slavery and poverty without introducing them to the only One who can break the chains of darkness that bind their souls.

So, I want to encourage everyone, as you go about doing good works: to dare to say His Name — the only Name and reality that can make a real, eternal change in anyone’s life. And ultimately…it’s all about eternity.

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