The call to vulnerability…

Posted: April 24, 2015 in From the Wall
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One day, a while back, I was standing in my kitchen, and suddenly, for just one second, something like a portal opened up before me and it revealed the heart of Jesus.  Of course, it was very passionate. But the the thing that overwhelmed me was how vulnerable and sensitive His heart was. I fell to my knees, overcome at this revelation of how vulnerable He makes Himself to us — that He desires intimacy so greatly with us that He would open Himself so much to being hurt by us.

And He calls us to this same vulnerable intimacy.

  1. brjl2010 says:

    you have touched me. Thank you for your words of grace, awesome story. Hey I am making a Christian project for YOUTUBE, with my friends, we r raising money for charity(starting this summer). Um for more info please go to my blog. ITs the one that’s say big announcement . Hope to talk soon. From ur friend Brandon. Also need followers and support.

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