A number of years ago, I was at the end of a 5-year media fast (well, specifically, no TV, movies, radio) and the Holy Spirit clearly told me to watch a movie. That movie was The Matrix. I found it profound for a number of reasons. I asked God why He wanted me to see it. He said that the Unseen Realm will always rule the seen realm and that I must always play by the rules of the Unseen Realm, not the rules of the seen realm, or I would pay a great price.


  1. Lee Bradford says:

    Just tonight I was thinking of a concept that could express Gods love and plan for us in a new way, and what came to me was, imagine that the entire universe and this planet and all of earth’s history was created by the Father just for your training. Imagine that His control over everything was so individual in its scope that everything that happens happens to teach you and conform you to His image. Now consider Romans 8, predestined to be comformed to His image. Then consider He dwells above and beyond time. He is eternal, outside of any time restriction. That means He has all eternity as we think to hear your prayers, and coordinate His plans for your conformity to Christ. And if this were true wouldn’t He say that everything that He allows is part of that plan. If all this touches reality consider the admonition to “rejoice everymore, in everything give thanks for this is His will for us in Christ Jesus. If we are to give thanks in all things, doesn’t that preclude His filtering everything and tweeking it perfectly for your instruction. “For he shall sit as a refiner of gold and silver to purify the sons of Levi, that they may offer praise in righteousness.” What a God, what a Father, what love.

    Is this not the reason that “anything that is not of faith, that’s anything done not trusting Him, is sin.

  2. Wow. Amazing to think about, my brother!

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