The most effectively damaging narrative and images put forth by most Hollywood movies (and other major cultural sources) has nothing to do with porn or demonic slasher movies or outright attacks on Christianity.  It is the insidious poison of Humanism — the lie that people can be good, happy, fulfilled and successful without Jesus — that they are actually OK and do not need a savior.

And this narrative affects Christians as well.  Because this message is so pervasive, it serves to erode the “evangelical compassion” of the Church and to make them passive, timid, non-communicators of the true and complete Gospel.

And really, only Heaven-sent, fire-filled revival can turn the Church from being tepid and passive into the true, white-hot Light the world actually needs.  And that is why we must repent – repent of our passivity and lack of concern for the lost – and step out of our comfort zones and be true Salt and Light.

But most of all we must pray – pray and cry out for revival.


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