Dude, today is the day!  Because of His Incarnation, you have the grace to actually change the momentum of your life!

Today…because He lives in you (“Christ in you, the hope of glory!”), you can choose to forgive and not hold onto bitterness.  Today, you can choose, by His over-the-top Grace, to say no to those sins that have seemed to rule you.  Today, you can walk in freedom and newness and victory.

The key is to just take this day one moment at a time…

You have Grace for the next moment.  And the next.  And the next.  And as you respond, minute by minute, to this Grace, you will begin to see a new momentum of healing and light breaking forth in your day and your life!

This is very do-able! His Blood and His indwelling Spirit have made a way!  Dare to hope once again that His Word is true and His Power is great and His Grace is enough!  YEEEEEHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

Super Jesus in us - LOON WATCHMAN BLOG


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