Posted: June 6, 2012 in From the Wall
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One night, I was sitting in my car, parked on a well-known, well-traveled Atlanta street, waiting for a friend.  As I was doing this, the Holy Spirit invaded and interrupted my thoughts with this question:  “Do you know how long Eternity is?”

Sensing that this was a deeper question than my finite little brain was capable of answering, I sat quietly and waited for Him to answer His own question.  And a minute later, He said “Lon, Eternity is so long, that no matter how talented and gifted and intelligent and creative you are, if you are on your own in Eternity, the day would come when you would loathe and despise everything about your life.  Because your abilities are finite — and Eternity will ultimately consume you.  The day would come when you would DESPERATELY long for anything new — ANYTHING to break the terrifying, deathly tedium of being merely you!”

“BUT…I (speaking of Himself) am so brilliant and creative and outstandingly amazing, that if you are with Me in Eternity, the day will NEVER come when you will ever cease to be FASCINATED with Me.  Because I am the ONLY ONE who is greater than Eternity.”


“You have made known to me the path of life;
You will fill me with joy in Your Presence,
with eternal pleasures at Your right hand.”
(Psalm 16:11)


  1. kudzu233 says:

    I just got a shiver…

  2. Danny says:

    Come Lord Jesus.

  3. snowbum45 says:

    I loved this story. I think about it very often :). Especially when i’m asked why we would want to spend eternity in boring old heaven. Thanks for sharing

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